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Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Life is a journey. It's a winding, curving road that brings both gradual transitions and sudden changes. Some are expected and others are unexpected. All can be helped with good financial decisionmaking.

Financial planning measures our fitness in areas such as income, cash management, debt, investments, retirement readiness, insurance, tax strategy, estate planning, and more.

Most importantly, it allows us to get to know you as a human being with dreams and goals that are deeply personal to you. Understanding how you think about money and how it's intertwined with your behavior and psychology can help you build awareness and confidence.

When was the last time you had a full financial checkup?



Like wine and cheese, financial planning and investment management pair nicely together.

We work with high quality, competitively priced investment managers. It's their job to watch the ticker tape, the charts and graphs, and the markets.

They'll select a diversified mix of investments that's growth oriented enough to help you work towards your goals without creating unnecessary risk.

Once you know where you're trying to go, your investments will help you get there - along with regular monitoring, adjustments, and financial plan updates, of course!



We tell our clients that we'll hope for, believe in, and plan for the very best in life. Meaningful work, enduring relationships, excellent health, a secure retirement, and a long, joy-filled life.

But we wouldn't be doing our job if we didn't also look at risk and prepare for some bumps along the way just in case.

Do you have sufficient disability, life, and/or long term care insurance? We'll review your coverage and let you know. We'll also refer you to other qualified insurance specialists as needed.

Our Goal is to help you achieve Your Goals!

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As a CFP® Professional, I engage with clients as a fiduciary, which means your best interest is at the heart of it all. For more information about what it means to work with a CFP® Professional, click HERE for a brief video.

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